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#EATING101… Here’s some food for thought… I get some crazy email. Why do some people think that the way they like their food prepared is the ONLY proper way it should be done? I get that we all have personal preferences. But, holy cow! My dad liked his steak well done. And, I mean well done. it’s not my style, but, that’s the way he wanted it cooked. He had to consume it (and most times pay for it). Why shouldn’t he have it the way he likes it? Here’s what happens sometimes. You order your steak well done. When it arrives, it’s so rare you’re sure it’s going to walk off your plate and hop down from the table on its own. You’re unhappy, I get it. Now you have a choice to make. You can either eat it or send it back. That’s up to you. Now, here's what happens most times. Your steak comes the way you ordered it (that’s the good news). But, some of your dining companions might not be that accepting of your choice of meat temperature. AND, they’ll let you know it. Why should they care? They don't have to gnaw through it. OK, that's enough, I'm down from the soapbox. But, trust me I could go on… Oh, down the way, you’ll find a guide on how to grill the perfect steak. That should keep the conversation going!... OPENING, MOJO’S REAL CUBAN on Osprey Ave. throws open their doors for business. I’ve been staring at the papered windows for a LONG time. Glad to finally be able to try some food!... NEW MENU + LUNCH, Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. is gone from SERVANDOS. So, it seems a good time to roll out a new menu. They’re featuring a bunch of weekly specials (for example, $2 tacos & $3 margaritas). And, starting today they’ll be open for lunch!... CRUZIN’, Looking for a 2017 summer getaway? The Chef Ray Arpke of EUPHEMIA HAYE has put together a culinary cruise of the Danube River. The “Taste of Life Cruise” should as delicious as scenic. MORE INFOTRASH HIT!, Tickets are now available for this year’s TRASH FISH DINNER featuring seven of Sarasota’s favorite chefs. Mark you calendar for August 7th. As usual, tickets will go fast for this super popular event… BROWN LIQUOR, Is there a better place for a scotch tasting than a Scottish restaurant? I think not. On July 28th, MACALLISTERS GRILL & TAVERN will be hosting a tasting featuring scotch’s from the DALMORE FAMILY. Call 941-359-2424 for res… SAVOR SARASOTA ALL SUMMER, Thought Savor Sarasota was over and done? Technically it is. But, lots of your favorite Sarasota restaurants have extended they’re deals thru the summer. Be sure and check, you still may be able to eat on the cheap.




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INS & OUTS, Oh boy. We’ve been busy since our last get together. Finally got off our butt and added in a few restaurants. Some should have been in ages ago. Sorry. New to the dS database, Servandos (yes, I know), Mi Sitio Columbian, Smashburger, Pita’s Republic and Mojos Real Cuban. Best of all no deletions! Our count now stands at 346. Oh, thanks to everyone who subscribed since our last issue. We have a bunch of new folks reading! As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! Check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates. Next issue 8/1 - ###