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#SAVORSARASOTA… Get ready, get set… It’s obvious that you love food/restaurants or you probably wouldn’t be taking time out of your busy life to read this. There’s a little reward just lurking around the corner for you. SAVOR SARASOTA RESTAURANT WEEK (or weeks really) is ready to roll. June 1 to 14. 60+ Sarasota restaurants offering three course lunches for $15 and dinners for $29! This includes some of your favorite local eateries. This isn’t like one of those coupon books loaded with discounts at places you never want to eat at. These are some of Sarasota best and most loved spots. Just like last year, we’ve put together a nifty little SAVOR SARASOTA CHECKLIST for you. It’s a great way to keep track of your culinary adventures. End of commercial… YOGA?, This is a strange one. Almost too interesting not to report. MOTORWORKS BREWING, home to some great Sarasota brews hosts a Yoga Night Tuesday MAY 31ST. $10 gets you a 45 minute yoga sessions + a pint of Motorworks Flagship beer! WOW! Anyone attending, please report back… FF, There are lots of First Friday events in Sarasota. Here’s another, FIRST FRIDAY GULF GATE. Friday June 3rd, starts at 6PM… GOT MILK, It’s almost Dairy Day. And, I’m sure you know what that means. DAKIN DAIRY hosts the Dairy Day Festival on Saturday, June 4th from 10AM to 5PM. Lots of stuff for kids (and adults). Yes, they have pony rides (I knew you wanted to know that). More info, 941-322-2802 X308… JAMMIN’, It’s summer. Time to light that grill. It’s also time for the SHAMROCK/EDIBLE MAGAZINE SUMMER CHEF JAM. Things get cooking June 7th with Chef Paul Mattison taking a turn as chef du jour. 7PM to 9PM. More info here.... OOPS… Last issue we teased with a mention about a sushi piece we wrote. All sounds good, BUT, we forgot to include it!! Didn’t make the same mistake twice. You can check it out just below.





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INS & OUTS… We’ve added a couple of places to the DB. One new, one not. On the new front is ANGELO’S. As you would guess it’s Italian and occupies the former Russian House space on Tamiami Trail. On the not new scene, is PAINTERS PALATE. It’s been around for a bit. Figured it was time we added them to the site. Closing since we were last together was ROSATI’S PIZZA. I just HATE to see Chicago pizza places close. Come on! That brings our Sarasota restaurant count to 347. As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates. Next issue 6/13 - ###