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#FEEDME… We did some writing about the Sarasota sushi scene this past week. You can read about that down the page. It got me to thinking a little about some of the sushi traditions. One in particular, OMAKASE. In short, it’s basically, chefs choice or make me whatever you’d like. It's also a thing In the growing realm of serious handmade cocktails. A good bartender can always “make you something interesting”. What a fantastic concept! Really it is. But, why does it have to be confined to the world of sushi and the upscale bar scene? Wouldn’t you just love to walk into LIBBY’S, POMONA or MADE and have the chef start churning out delicious dishes just for you. I’m not talking “daily special” kind of stuff either. I’m talking about food thought out for you & you alone. Nudging you just a bit outside your culinary comfort zone. WOW! Let that sink in for a minute. No more settling, “should I get the fish or the lamb”? Let’s have one Sarasota chef rise up and take the non-sushi omakase mantle!... KIDS + PIZZA, Do you think you have a future pizza chef running around your house? Then without a doubt, your kid should have a Cosimo’s pizza making party! Here’s all the info… you just have to supply the kids… DINING DEALS, It’s that time of year. Sarasota restaurants will soon be rolling out tons of summer food bargains. First on the list D’CORATO RISTORANTE. How about a 2 course meal for 2 for just 30 bucks. Done deal!... ITALIAN WINE TOUR, Interested in a little wine tour of Italy without all of the travel? You’ve got it. HARRY’S CONTINENTAL KITCHENS hosts a night filled with food, wine and fun, THURSDAY MAY19th. 941-383-0777 for more info… SAVOR AWAY, The annual two week food fest better known as SAVOR SARASOTA RESTAURANT WEEK gets underway June 1st. As usual, we’ll be bringing you some of the highlights on Check in to see what’s cooking.



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INS & OUTS… The Sarasota French restaurant scene just got a little bit bigger. We’ve added LE BORDEAUX to our DB since the last newsletter. Sadly, we lost a few places. The big story was ROY’S RESTAURANT closing their doors. Also, SENOR SIESTA (which will re-open soon as Darwin’s new venture CeviChela) papered over their windows. Lastly, PHO SAIGON (Landings), which I thought was pretty good, has called it quits. That brings our Sarasota restaurant count to 346. As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates.- ###