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#BEERISFOOD… beer, beer, beer, everywhere you look. we’ve got some pretty great craft breweries in town. with CALUSA opening, I think that makes five Sarasota brew options. question, beer is hot, there's no disputing that. so, where are all of our local Sarasota beer paring dinners? we’ve got some impressive stuff to work with both on the food and brew side. one or more of our local brewers needs to reach out to one of our creative Sarasota chefs (we have lots). i’m more than happy to be matchmaker if necessary. let’s get on this shall we… EAT STREET, they keep on comin’. the latest to travel down I75 from TPA to SRQ, BOCA – KITCHEN, BAR, MARKET. should be another excellent addition to downtown. BUT, they'll come into town with some "FARM TO FABLE" controversy following them… PODCASTING, while still stuck on beer, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the JDUBS UNFILTERED PODCAST. it’s a bit “unfiltered”, as the name would lead you to believe. i just love a good podcast. this local one is worth a listen (suggestion - crack open a nice cold Up Top IPA or Poolside Kolsch before pressing play)… NO PASSPORT REQUIRED, how about a food excursion without the actual travel? yes, OK, that’s what the 1st Annual Destination Cuisine International Food & Travel Festival is all about. the location is SWEETGRASS FARMS and it benefits ALL FAITHS FOOD BANK. looks like it could be super interesting & delicious… MOVING TIME, attention all you EL TORO BRAVO fans (like me!). Chef Ruben is moving the crew up the street to 3128 clark road sometime in july. check out chef giving you all of the details... HAPPENING, Meet The Cheesemaker, Lynn Giacomini Stray of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company @ ARTISAN CHEESE COMPANY, Today 4/15, 11AM to 1:30PM... 7th Annual BBQ & Bluegrass Bash - APR 15 & 16… 14th Annual Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival – APR 16 & 17… Sahib Shriners Monthly Pancake Breakfast – SUN MAY 1. this is one of my personal favs! Not to be missed, honestly.



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THE INS AND OUTS… We had to press the delete key just one time the past two weeks. HERITAGE BBQ shut down the smoker on 4/11. And, we had just one addition to the database. Welcome SIESTA PIZZERIA COMPANY. A new entry into the Sarasota pizza world is a good thing. Our database total now stands @349! That’s a lot of Sarasota restaurant info at your fingertips. As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! Check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates.- ###