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#thinkfood… is it just me, or does it seem like there is a restaurant opening or being built on EVERY corner of Sarasota? what’s going on in the utc/Lakewood ranch area is just mayhem. i'm sure that a lot of these will be great additions to our dining scene, but, WHOA! just trying to keep up is full time work. is this pace sustainable? do we have enough hungry eaters to fill all of those seats? thoughts... – LH… DELI, DONE, well, I had the over/under @ 60 days. boy was I not close. DOC SAMS DELI closes its doors. downtown deli count=1… HAPPY 1 YEAR, happy 1st anniversary to MANDEVILLE BEER GARDEN. I just love this spot. it’s great place to discover a new brew. it’s super popular and with good reason… FILM NOT FOOD, the 18th annual SARASOTA FILM FESTIVAL starts today and runs through April 10. lots of party opportunities and great flicks around town the next 1.5 weeks… FAST, FAST FOOD, Miami based CHICKEN KITCHEN is planning a 2nd Sarasota location. the paradise plaza store will open soon… CROONING FOR YOU, if you're looking for a little blast from the past. SOL'S NYC DELI has some old time vocal stylings happening every thursday. John Russo belts out the tunes starting @6PM... OPENING… Southside Village is becoming a real dining destination, no doubt about that. VERONICA’S OYSTER HOUSE is due to open at the corner of Osprey/Hillview later this month or early May (at least that’s the rumor)… DELIVERY, UBER EATS continues to rollout. can’t wait until my uber driver can deliver my CHUTNEY’S rogan josh straight to my door. let’s get on it!… HAPPENING April 1st, 4th Annual Whiskey Obsession - April 8-10 24th Annual Sharks Tooth Festival.





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THE INS AND OUTS… A couple of additions to the database since the last issue, HERITAGE BARBEQUE CO. and CANNON'S STEAKHOUSE & TAVERN. We did have a few deletions. So long, DOC SAM’S DELI, ANGER’S DELI & THE RUSSIAN HOUSE (that last one is a little surprising). If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issue and signup! -###