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Boca Kitchen, Bar, Market | Chopped Salad

Yes, that chopped salad really tastes as delicious as it looks. You should add a trip to Boca Kitchen to your 2017 do-to list!



#WEREBACK!!... OK, yes, it’s been a while. But, in all fairness we’ve been hard at work on some pretty important stuff. Namely, our 2017 Sarasota dining book! That’s right, 2017 is done and nearly available. You should be able to pick one up at all of the usual Sarasota locations in the next week or so. They’ll be available online shortly. I think you’re REALLY going to like this year’s edition. We also took a little break for the holidays. We figured you had other stuff to do besides read your email. But, now that your calendar is cleared we can get back to it. Without any further delay, let’s take care of some business… NEW STUFF, So, it’s a new year. That means you should be entitled to some new stuff. At least from us. We’re adding a few new things into the FEAST newsletter. I like podcasts. And, there are some really interesting, entertaining and educational, food-centric ones out there. We’re going to introduce you to a few. We know you like to read (hey, you’re reading this, right?) So, as a service to you, the reader, we’re going to give you a few ideas on a few great food reads. Yes, there will be cookbooks, you’re welcome. Lastly, how about music to cook, dine and entertain by? Why not? From time to time we’re going to throw a specially curated, SPOTIFY playlist into the mix. Use it stir, whip or blend by. Or, just toss it on for your dinner guests to enjoy. They’ll think you went to a lot of trouble. But, we know the truth… SUMO SIZE IT, YO! SUSHI, out at the UTC mall has got some BIG news. Sumo big. They’re introducing a collection of super sized bowls. These six selections should tame even the hungriest appetite. Or, share one with a friend… AWARDED, Congrats to Chef Jose Martinez. Longboat Key’s very own Maison Blanche has been named to the OpenTable list of the 100 Best Restaurants in the America. Only six Florida restaurants made the list. It’s always a memorable meal. The suckling pig is a home run every time!... MORE OF THE BROWN LIQUOR, Here we go. Do you like whiskey? Do you like sampling whiskey with a bunch of other like-minded folks? If you answered YES to either, then grab a highlighter. Whiskey Obsession, the largest whiskey festival in the U.S.A. is back!! MAR 29th – APR 1st. Get your tickets HERE... That should get things started. Now on to you FEASTnews!



Food Reads

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If you've made a new years resolution to do some more reading in the coming year, we're here to help. Here are a few delicious suggestions...

The Restaurant Critics Wife: Lila Soto has a master’s degree that’s gathering dust, a work-obsessed husband, two kids, and lots of questions about how exactly she ended up here.

The Theoretical Foot: When Robert Lescher died in 2012 an unpublished manuscript of M.F.K. Fisher’s was discovered neatly packed in the one of the literary agent’s signature red boxes.

Sweetbitter: A novel: Twenty-two, and knowing no one, Tess leaves home to begin her adult life in New York City. Thus, begins a year that is both enchanting and punishing, in a low-level job at “the best restaurant in New York City.” Perfect for readers of Kitchen Confidential and Blood, Bones and Butter.


Koreatown: A Cookbook: A collection of 100 recipes exploring the foods and flavors of Koreatown, a New York Times bestseller and one of the most praised cookbooks of 2016.

Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking: The debut cookbook from Jessica Koslow, award-winning chef of LA’s popular restaurant Sqirl, featuring more than 100 fresh, market-driven, healthy, and flavorful recipes.


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THIS & THAT, We’ve had a few places deleted since our last meeting. Ker’s Winghouse and Queen of Sheba are sadly no longer with us. One addition, KASA SUSHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT moved into the vacant Queen of Sheba space on north Tamiami. We’re working on adding some great new places to dine, so stay tuned. We’re at 352 currently. We want you to tell your foodie friends about FEASTnews, send them this link so they can check out our past issues and signup! We also have some limited sponsorship opportunities available for future issues of FEASTnews. Drop us an email HERE and we’ll give you all of the juicy details. Thanks for reading! Check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates. Next issue, 1/16 - ###