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#SERVICE+… I’ve been thinking a lot about service lately. Restaurant service in particular. Not, why some places do a better job than others. But, why some places don’t even get the concept. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this one… “Great service can save a very average meal. Poor service can kill a five star one”. Or, some variation on that theme. I’m not talking about refilling a half empty water glass. I’m talking about understanding the actual concept of hospitality. Some restaurants rollout A+ service every day. While others just can’t ever seem to get it done right. Most, fall somewhere in the middle, with service levels varying wildly depending the shift or day of the week. We’ve all eaten at places that fit each one of those descriptions. Without a doubt, training has something to do with under-performing service expectations. With restaurants opening in Sarasota at a breakneck pace, I can understand that it may, from time to time, be difficult to find experienced and dedicated people to fill those positions. But, here’s the reality. Once a place develops a reputation for poor service, it’s next too impossible to shake that label. And, with competition in town so fierce for the dining dollar, it could very well make the difference between a line out the door or a sign that read “space for lease”… Do you know a Sarasota restaurant that always delivers four star service? CLICK HERE & drop us a line. We’ll mention a few on our Facebook page. THE 3 B’S,That’s right, Beer, Boats & Bacon. You were expecting something else? It’s a festival celebrating the joys of all three. SATURDAY OCT 8TH, Noon to 7PM, Nathen Benderson Park. TICKETS HERE... FOOD FOR OPERA, How about enjoying a fantastic downtown food fest and helping out the Sarasota Youth Opera? Yes, you can! SATURDAY SEPT 10TH, 1PM to 4PM at the Sarasota Opera House, a TASTE OF DOWNTOWN. Sample food from 20+ Sarasota restaurants on the stage of the opera house. INFO HERE... EAT FOR A GOOD CAUSE, September is THE COLUMBIA RESTAURANTS 19th annual Community Harvest month. The restaurant will donate 5% of your check total to benefit over a dozen local Sarasota charities. HERE’S A LIST... CHEAP EATS, The Sarasota-Manatee Originals is your source for some BIG local restaurant discounts. On sale THURSDAY, SEPT 1ST @ 7AM. These always go fast. GET YOURS HERE.



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INS AND OUTS, One addition since we last talked. Oak & Stone opened on University Parkway. That brings the current Sarasota restaurant total to 348. If you know of a restaurant that we haven’t included, drop us an email. This is our last issue of the summer. Have a safe Labor Day holiday.. As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! Check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates. Next issue, 9/12 - ###