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Broasted chicken is pretty delicious. And, Dutch Valley sure knows how to do it!



#THEBIZ… The food biz is tough. There are variables that almost no other industry has to deal with. And, deal with on a continuous basis. We’re talking perishables + people. That’s a combo that is volatile at best and explosive at worst. Lately, there’s been some talk in the national restaurant news that dining business around the country has been flat to off. Either I’m blind as a bat or I’m distracted and looking in the wrong direction. Seems like the Sarasota restaurant scene is at a full 5 alarm blaze at the moment. Restaurants are opening at a head spinning pace. It is impossible to keep up. So, what are the “experts” seeing that I’m not? Well, we’ve got some perspective for you. A little further down page we’ve brought you a few of pieces that attempt make the case for a slowing restaurant economy. We want to know what you think about the temperature of our local Sarasota dining scene. Drop us an email here. Maybe we’ll even run some of the responses in an upcoming edition of FEASTnews. LAST CALL, One last chance for a ticket to one of Sarasota’s most delicious and eco-conscience dinners. The 3rd annual TRASH FISH SARASOTA dinner is AUG 7th. Tickets here... 9 BUCK LUNCH, The DRUNKEN POET on Main St. rolls out eight $9 lunches for the remainder of the summer. This is worth the trip downtown… OPENING NIGHT, You might recall that CAFÉ L’EUROPE recently changed hands. Well, the St. Armands dining institution throws open its doors on SAT, AUG 6th for a grand opening dinner. Yes, there will be delicious food. And, yes there will be entertainment. More info at: 941-388-4415… JAM!, The second to last, Shamrock/edible Mag, SUMMER CHEF JAM of 2016 features the BBQ magic of the Brasa & Pisco culinary team. 7-9PM. This should be a great one. You can get TICKETS HERE... HAPPY EATS, raise your hand if you love a great meat and cheese plate. Thank you, hands down. Now, you should head over to THE TABLE CREEKSIDE and they’ll set you up with a $5 charcuterie selection imported from Spain. You will not want to miss that. 4-6:30PM daily.



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Again, I'm not sure what's exactly going on here. But, I've been seeing the following types of articles cropping up on restaurant industry sites lately. I may be a little near sighted, but, I don't see this in our local Sarasota restaurant economy?....


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INS & OUTS, We got to take a little bit of a breather the past week (boy, I hope this has nothing to do with that restaurant economy thing!). Anyway, one new addition since the last issue. But, that one is a pretty long awaited one. VERONICA FISH & OYSTER. Folks have been talking about that opening for a while now. We’ll bring you our take soon… As usual, If you know someone who might like to get their very own FEASTnews, send them this link to check out our past issues and signup! Thanks for reading! check TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for updates. Next issue, 8/15- ###